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Relationship styles


Who this is for:

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams


Bridge ® can be used in different contexts:

  • Coaching session

  • Group training

  • As a module of a management development program

And in a variety of fields: enterprises, medical field, sports field and all kinds of organizations and institutions.


2 days course – in person

4 afternoons - virtual


Bridge ® is designed for anyone who wants to know what their relational style is, and how they can better understand the people with whom they interact.

It is also designed so that within any team people understand each other better and relate better, and so that professionals from any field (commercial, medical manager, etc.) can communicate and relate more effectively with their interlocutors.

Bridge® is a psychometric tool that helps to discover the relational style of people. We are all different, we have our way of expressing ourselves, and we like - or connect with - a certain style of communication.

Bridge explores different relational styles in a simple and intuitive way, to facilitate interpersonal relationships.


Working with Bridge® starts from an individual report, in which each person discovers their main style and their percentage of each of the 4 relational style. With this information, an individual session is scheduled either individually or in groups, to work on how to communicate effectively from each style and with all styles.

A session with Bridge ® allows the participants:

  • Self-discovery and awareness of own personal style

  • Understanding the impact they have on others

  • Strengths and areas for improvement of your style

  • Strategic communication keys to connect with others

  • Clear clues for many communicative acts, such as:

    • To motivate

    • Influence capacity

    • Conflict management

    • Give instructions

    • Give and receive feedback

    • Give bad news

    • Stress management

    • Personal energy management

Get 16 CCE credits

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